We cultivate a strong, safety-minded culture and have adopted a comprehensive safety program, specifically designed to ensure all of our employees and contractors maintain the highest possible standard of care at every worksite. Our safety program, which calls for the utmost care and attention to our people, equipment, and vehicles, includes:

  • Unrelenting dedication to safety that starts at the top and is highlighted in management policy
  • Careful screening of prospective employees
  • Periodic, random drug testing of personnel in accordance with state and local guidelines
  • Constant, ongoing, regularly held employee training, meetings and safety updates
  • Well-defined system for reporting any potential accidents and preventing reoccurrences
  • Rigorous preventative maintenance programs for our equipment and vehicles
  • Dedicated safety personnel that report only to the CEO and President
  • Strictly adherence to all Federal and state OSHA standards and regulations
  • Full compliance with the policies and procedures of our customers while on their work sites