Enhanced ESG compliance, improved HSE performance, and increased cost savings!

Patented, true 4-phase separator used during drill out the process that separates all hazardous material, captures 99% of harmful gases, recycles water for re-use on location, and extracts 95% of the sand.


Benefits of Using the Patented Sand Commander:

  • Ecologically friendly— reduces environmental impact
  • Only solution that recycles and transfers clean, reusable water on location
  • Platform for gas wheeling (send to sales line, fuel for electric frac fleets, artificial lift, etc.)
  • Uses a smaller vertical gas separator (does not require large trucks to stand)
  • Accurate, continuous coefficient readings
  • Hydraulically driven (no failure prone electronics)
  • Integrated oil skimming system
  • Reduces number of vendors on location


Enhanced Well Completion (Drill Out) Economics:

  • Eliminates clean-out costs (continuous circulation allows unit to self-clean)
  • Dries the sand, reducing disposal fees
  • Fast rig up & rig down times
  • Package pricing when paired with flowback services


The Patented Sand Commander System Includes:

  • Main separation tank with auger
  • Vertical circulation separator
  • Environmental scrubber pot
  • Flare System – up to 300 feet of flare line
  • Diesel power pack with hydraulically driven system
  • Transfer pumps and hoses with manifold